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QWidgetItem Class Reference
[QtGui module]

The QWidgetItem class is a layout item that represents a widget. More...

Inherits QLayoutItem.


Detailed Description

The QWidgetItem class is a layout item that represents a widget.

Normally, you don't need to use this class directly. Qt's built-in layout managers provide the following functions for manipulating widgets in layouts:

Class Functions
QBoxLayout addWidget(), insertWidget(), setStretchFactor()
QGridLayout addWidget()
QStackedLayout addWidget(), insertWidget(), currentWidget(), setCurrentWidget(), widget()

Method Documentation

QWidgetItem.__init__ (self, QWidget w)

Creates an item containing the given widget.

Qt.Orientations QWidgetItem.expandingDirections (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.expandingDirections().

QRect QWidgetItem.geometry (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.geometry().

See also setGeometry().

bool QWidgetItem.hasHeightForWidth (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.hasHeightForWidth().

int QWidgetItem.heightForWidth (self, int)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.heightForWidth().

bool QWidgetItem.isEmpty (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.isEmpty().

Returns true if the widget is hidden; otherwise returns false.

See also QWidget.isHidden().

QSize QWidgetItem.maximumSize (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.maximumSize().

QSize QWidgetItem.minimumSize (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.minimumSize().

QWidgetItem.setGeometry (self, QRect)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.setGeometry().

See also geometry().

QSize QWidgetItem.sizeHint (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.sizeHint().

QWidget QWidgetItem.widget (self)

Reimplemented from QLayoutItem.widget().

Returns the widget managed by this item.

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