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PyQt's Modules

PyQt consists of several modules all of which are part of the PyQt4 Python package.

QtConsolidates all other modules into a single module for ease of use at the expense of memory
QtCoreCore non-GUI classes used by other modules
QtDBusClasses for Inter-Process Communication using the D-Bus protocol
QtDeclarativeDeclarative framework for graphical user interfaces
QtGuiGraphical user interface components
QtHelpClasses for online help
QtMultimediaClasses for low-level multimedia programming
QtNetworkClasses for network programming
QtOpenGLOpenGL support classes
QtScriptClasses for evaluating Qt Scripts
QtScriptToolsAdditional Qt Script components
QtSqlClasses for database integration using SQL
QtSvgClasses for displaying the contents of SVG files
QtTestFunctions for unit testing PyQt applications
QtWebKitClasses for rendering and editing HTML
QtXmlClasses for handling XML
QtXmlPatternsAn XQuery and XPath engine for XML and custom data models
phononMultimedia framework classes
QtAssistantSupport for online help
QtDesignerClasses for extending Qt Designer
QAxContainerClasses for accessing ActiveX controls

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