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QtDesigner Module

The QtDesigner module provides classes that allow you to create your own custom widget plugins for Qt Designer, and classes that enable you to access Qt Designer's components. More...


Detailed Description

The QtDesigner module provides classes for extending Qt Designer, including custom widgets, using plugins written with PyQt.

Several of the classes in this module (those that implement plugin interfaces) are intended to be used as mixin classes. As it is not possible to derive from multiple C++ classes in Python the module also includes additional classes that are already derived from the appropriate super-classes. All the additional classes have the prefix QPyDesigner.

For example, if you wanted to add custom entries to Qt Designer's task menu then you would implement a Python class derived from QPyDesignerTaskMenuExtension rather than one that derived from QObject and QDesignerTaskMenuExtension.

To import the module use, for example, the following statement:

from PyQt4 import QtDesigner

A full description of writing plugins for Qt Designer is provided in the main PyQt reference documentation.

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