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QMatrix4x3 Class Reference
[QtGui module]


Special Methods

Detailed Description

This class can be pickled.

Method Documentation

QMatrix4x3.__init__ (self)

QMatrix4x3.__init__ (self, QMatrix4x3 other)

QMatrix4x3.__init__ (self, sequence-of-float values)

list-of-float QMatrix4x3.copyDataTo (self)

list-of-float QMatrix4x3.data (self)

QMatrix4x3.fill (self, float value)

bool QMatrix4x3.isIdentity (self)

QMatrix4x3.setToIdentity (self)

QMatrix3x4 QMatrix4x3.transposed (self)

bool QMatrix4x3.__eq__ (self, QMatrix4x3)

object QMatrix4x3.__getitem__ (self, object)

QMatrix4x3 QMatrix4x3.__iadd__ (self, QMatrix4x3)

QMatrix4x3 QMatrix4x3.__idiv__ (self, float)

QMatrix4x3 QMatrix4x3.__imul__ (self, float)

QMatrix4x3 QMatrix4x3.__isub__ (self, QMatrix4x3)

bool QMatrix4x3.__ne__ (self, QMatrix4x3)

str QMatrix4x3.__repr__ (self)

QMatrix4x3.__setitem__ (self, object, float)

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