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QMargins Class Reference
[QtCore module]

The QMargins class defines the four margins of a rectangle. More...


Special Methods

Detailed Description

The QMargins class defines the four margins of a rectangle.

QMargin defines a set of four margins; left, top, right and bottom, that describe the size of the borders surrounding a rectangle.

The isNull() function returns true only if all margins are set to zero.

QMargin objects can be streamed as well as compared.

Method Documentation

QMargins.__init__ (self)

Constructs a margins object with all margins set to 0.

See also isNull().

QMargins.__init__ (self, int aleft, int atop, int aright, int abottom)

Constructs margins with the given left, top, right, bottom

See also setLeft(), setRight(), setTop(), and setBottom().

QMargins.__init__ (self, QMargins)

int QMargins.bottom (self)

Returns the bottom margin.

See also setBottom().

bool QMargins.isNull (self)

Returns true if all margins are is 0; otherwise returns false.

int QMargins.left (self)

Returns the left margin.

See also setLeft().

int QMargins.right (self)

Returns the right margin.

See also setRight().

QMargins.setBottom (self, int abottom)

Sets the bottom margin to bottom.

See also bottom().

QMargins.setLeft (self, int aleft)

Sets the left margin to left.

See also left().

QMargins.setRight (self, int aright)

Sets the right margin to right.

See also right().

QMargins.setTop (self, int atop)

Sets the Top margin to Top.

See also top().

int QMargins.top (self)

Returns the top margin.

See also setTop().

bool QMargins.__eq__ (self, QMargins m2)

bool QMargins.__ne__ (self, QMargins m2)

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