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QIODevice.OpenMode Class Reference
[QtCore module]


Special Methods

Detailed Description

OpenModeFlag may be used whenever OpenMode is expected.

Method Documentation

OpenMode.__init__ (self, OpenMode)

OpenMode.__init__ (self, int)

OpenMode.__init__ (self)

OpenMode OpenMode.__and__ (self, int mask)

int OpenMode.__bool__ (self)

bool OpenMode.__eq__ (self, OpenMode f)

OpenMode OpenMode.__iand__ (self, int mask)

int OpenMode.__int__ (self)

OpenMode OpenMode.__invert__ (self)

OpenMode OpenMode.__ior__ (self, OpenMode f)

OpenMode OpenMode.__ixor__ (self, OpenMode f)

bool OpenMode.__ne__ (self, OpenMode f)

OpenMode OpenMode.__or__ (self, OpenMode f)

OpenMode OpenMode.__or__ (self, int f)

OpenMode OpenMode.__xor__ (self, OpenMode f)

OpenMode OpenMode.__xor__ (self, int f)

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