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QCommonStyle Class Reference
[QtGui module]

The QCommonStyle class encapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI. More...

Inherits QStyle.


Detailed Description

The QCommonStyle class encapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI.

This abstract class implements some of the widget's look and feel that is common to all GUI styles provided and shipped as part of Qt.

Since QCommonStyle inherits QStyle, all of its functions are fully documented in the QStyle documentation.

Method Documentation

QCommonStyle.__init__ (self)

Constructs a QCommonStyle.

QCommonStyle.drawComplexControl (self, QStyle.ComplexControl cc, QStyleOptionComplex opt, QPainter p, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.drawComplexControl().

QCommonStyle.drawControl (self, QStyle.ControlElement element, QStyleOption opt, QPainter p, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.drawControl().

QCommonStyle.drawPrimitive (self, QStyle.PrimitiveElement pe, QStyleOption opt, QPainter p, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.drawPrimitive().

QPixmap QCommonStyle.generatedIconPixmap (self, QIcon.Mode iconMode, QPixmap pixmap, QStyleOption opt)

Reimplemented from QStyle.generatedIconPixmap().

QStyle.SubControl QCommonStyle.hitTestComplexControl (self, QStyle.ComplexControl cc, QStyleOptionComplex opt, QPoint pt, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.hitTestComplexControl().

int QCommonStyle.pixelMetric (self, QStyle.PixelMetric m, QStyleOption option = None, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.pixelMetric().

QCommonStyle.polish (self, QWidget widget)

Reimplemented from QStyle.polish().

QCommonStyle.polish (self, QApplication app)

Reimplemented from QStyle.polish().

QPalette QCommonStyle.polish (self, QPalette)

Reimplemented from QStyle.polish().

QSize QCommonStyle.sizeFromContents (self, QStyle.ContentsType ct, QStyleOption opt, QSize contentsSize, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.sizeFromContents().

QIcon QCommonStyle.standardIconImplementation (self, QStyle.StandardPixmap standardIcon, QStyleOption option = None, QWidget widget = None)

This method is also a Qt slot with the C++ signature QIcon standardIconImplementation(QStyle::StandardPixmap,const QStyleOption * = 0,const QWidget * = 0) const.

QPixmap QCommonStyle.standardPixmap (self, QStyle.StandardPixmap sp, QStyleOption option = None, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.standardPixmap().

int QCommonStyle.styleHint (self, QStyle.StyleHint sh, QStyleOption option = None, QWidget widget = None, QStyleHintReturn returnData = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.styleHint().

QRect QCommonStyle.subControlRect (self, QStyle.ComplexControl cc, QStyleOptionComplex opt, QStyle.SubControl sc, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.subControlRect().

QRect QCommonStyle.subElementRect (self, QStyle.SubElement r, QStyleOption opt, QWidget widget = None)

Reimplemented from QStyle.subElementRect().

QCommonStyle.unpolish (self, QWidget widget)

Reimplemented from QStyle.unpolish().

QCommonStyle.unpolish (self, QApplication application)

Reimplemented from QStyle.unpolish().

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