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QAbstractPrintDialog Class Reference
[QtGui module]

The QAbstractPrintDialog class provides a base implementation for print dialogs used to configure printers. More...

Inherits QDialog.

Inherited by QPrintDialog.



Detailed Description

The QAbstractPrintDialog class provides a base implementation for print dialogs used to configure printers.

This class implements getter and setter functions that are used to customize settings shown in print dialogs, but it is not used directly. Use QPrintDialog to display a print dialog in your application.

In Symbian, there is no support for printing. Hence, this dialog should not be used in Symbian.

Type Documentation


Used to specify which parts of the print dialog should be visible.

Constant Value Description
QAbstractPrintDialog.None 0x0000 None of the options are enabled.
QAbstractPrintDialog.PrintToFile 0x0001 The print to file option is enabled.
QAbstractPrintDialog.PrintSelection 0x0002 The print selection option is enabled.
QAbstractPrintDialog.PrintPageRange 0x0004 The page range selection option is enabled.
QAbstractPrintDialog.PrintShowPageSize 0x0008 Show the page size + margins page only if this is enabled.
QAbstractPrintDialog.PrintCollateCopies 0x0010 The collate copies option is enabled
QAbstractPrintDialog.PrintCurrentPage 0x0040 The print current page option is enabled (This value was introduced in 4.7.)

This value is obsolete and does nothing since Qt 4.5:

Constant Value Description
QAbstractPrintDialog.DontUseSheet 0x0020 In previous versions of Qt, exec_() the print dialog would create a sheet by default the dialog was given a parent. This is no longer supported in Qt 4.5. If you want to use sheets, use QPrintDialog.open() instead.

The PrintDialogOptions type is a typedef for QFlags<PrintDialogOption>. It stores an OR combination of PrintDialogOption values.


Used to specify the print range selection option.

Constant Value Description
QAbstractPrintDialog.AllPages 0 All pages should be printed.
QAbstractPrintDialog.Selection 1 Only the selection should be printed.
QAbstractPrintDialog.PageRange 2 The specified page range should be printed.
QAbstractPrintDialog.CurrentPage 3 Only the currently visible page should be printed. (This value was introduced in 4.7.)

See also QPrinter.PrintRange.

Method Documentation

QAbstractPrintDialog.__init__ (self, QPrinter printer, QWidget parent = None)

The parent argument, if not None, causes self to be owned by Qt instead of PyQt.

Constructs an abstract print dialog for printer with parent as parent widget.

QAbstractPrintDialog.addEnabledOption (self, PrintDialogOption option)

PrintDialogOptions QAbstractPrintDialog.enabledOptions (self)

int QAbstractPrintDialog.exec_ (self)

This method is abstract and should be reimplemented in any sub-class.

This virtual function is called to pop up the dialog. It must be reimplemented in subclasses.

int QAbstractPrintDialog.fromPage (self)

Returns the first page to be printed By default, this value is set to 0.

bool QAbstractPrintDialog.isOptionEnabled (self, PrintDialogOption option)

int QAbstractPrintDialog.maxPage (self)

Returns the maximum page in the page range. As of Qt 4.4, this function returns INT_MAX by default. Previous versions returned 1 by default.

int QAbstractPrintDialog.minPage (self)

Returns the minimum page in the page range. By default, this value is set to 1.

QPrinter QAbstractPrintDialog.printer (self)

Returns the printer that this printer dialog operates on.

PrintRange QAbstractPrintDialog.printRange (self)

Returns the print range.

See also setPrintRange().

QAbstractPrintDialog.setEnabledOptions (self, PrintDialogOptions options)

QAbstractPrintDialog.setFromTo (self, int fromPage, int toPage)

Sets the range in the print dialog to be from from to to.

QAbstractPrintDialog.setMinMax (self, int min, int max)

Sets the page range in this dialog to be from min to max. This also enables the PrintPageRange option.

QAbstractPrintDialog.setOptionTabs (self, list-of-QWidget tabs)

Set a list of widgets as tabs to be shown on the print dialog, if supported.

Currently this option is only supported on X11.

Setting the option tabs will transfer their ownership to the print dialog.

This function was introduced in Qt 4.4.

QAbstractPrintDialog.setPrintRange (self, PrintRange range)

Sets the print range option in to be range.

See also printRange().

int QAbstractPrintDialog.toPage (self)

Returns the last page to be printed. By default, this value is set to 0.

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