Module jdk.jartool

Class JarSigner.Builder

  • Enclosing class:

    public static class JarSigner.Builder
    extends Object
    A mutable builder class that can create an immutable JarSigner from various signing-related parameters.
    • Constructor Detail

      • Builder

        public Builder​(PrivateKey privateKey,
                       CertPath certPath)
        Creates a JarSigner.Builder object with a private key and a certification path.
        privateKey - the private key of the signer.
        certPath - the certification path of the signer.
        IllegalArgumentException - if certPath is empty, or the privateKey algorithm does not match the algorithm of the PublicKey in the end entity certificate (the first certificate in certPath).
    • Method Detail

      • tsa

        public JarSigner.Builder tsa​(URI uri)
        Sets the URI of the Time Stamping Authority (TSA).
        uri - the URI.
        the JarSigner.Builder itself.
      • signerName

        public JarSigner.Builder signerName​(String name)
        Sets the signer name. The name will be used as the base name for the signature files. All lowercase characters will be converted to uppercase for signature file names. If a signer name is not specified, the string "SIGNER" will be used.
        name - the signer name.
        the JarSigner.Builder itself.
        IllegalArgumentException - if name is empty or has a size bigger than 8, or it contains characters not from the set "a-zA-Z0-9_-".
      • eventHandler

        public JarSigner.Builder eventHandler​(BiConsumer<String,​String> handler)
        Sets en event handler that will be triggered when a JarEntry is to be added, signed, or updated during the signing process.

        The handler can be used to display signing progress. The first argument of the handler can be "adding", "signing", or "updating", and the second argument is the name of the JarEntry being processed.

        handler - the event handler.
        the JarSigner.Builder itself.
      • setProperty

        public JarSigner.Builder setProperty​(String key,
                                             String value)
        Sets an additional implementation-specific property indicated by the specified key.
        Implementation Note:
        This implementation supports the following properties:
        • "tsaDigestAlg": algorithm of digest data in the timestamping request. The default value is the same as the result of getDefaultDigestAlgorithm().
        • "tsaPolicyId": TSAPolicyID for Timestamping Authority. No default value.
        • "internalsf": "true" if the .SF file is included inside the signature block, "false" otherwise. Default "false".
        • "sectionsonly": "true" if the .SF file only contains the hash value for each section of the manifest and not for the whole manifest, "false" otherwise. Default "false".
        All property names are case-insensitive.
        key - the name of the property.
        value - the value of the property.
        the JarSigner.Builder itself.
        UnsupportedOperationException - if the key is not supported by this implementation.
        IllegalArgumentException - if the value is not accepted as a legal value for this key.
      • getDefaultDigestAlgorithm

        public static String getDefaultDigestAlgorithm()
        Gets the default digest algorithm.
        Implementation Note:
        This implementation returns "SHA-256". The value may change in the future.
        the default digest algorithm.
      • getDefaultSignatureAlgorithm

        public static String getDefaultSignatureAlgorithm​(PrivateKey key)
        Gets the default signature algorithm for a private key. For example, SHA256withRSA for a 2048-bit RSA key, and SHA384withECDSA for a 384-bit EC key.
        Implementation Note:
        This implementation makes use of comparable strengths as defined in Tables 2 and 3 of NIST SP 800-57 Part 1-Rev.4. Specifically, if a DSA or RSA key with a key size greater than 7680 bits, or an EC key with a key size greater than or equal to 512 bits, SHA-512 will be used as the hash function for the signature. If a DSA or RSA key has a key size greater than 3072 bits, or an EC key has a key size greater than or equal to 384 bits, SHA-384 will be used. Otherwise, SHA-256 will be used. The value may change in the future.
        key - the private key.
        the default signature algorithm. Returns null if a default signature algorithm cannot be found. In this case, signatureAlgorithm(java.lang.String) must be called to specify a signature algorithm. Otherwise, the build() method will throw an IllegalArgumentException.
      • build

        public JarSigner build()
        Builds a JarSigner object from the parameters set by the setter methods.

        This method does not modify internal state of this Builder object and can be called multiple times to generate multiple JarSigner objects. After this method is called, calling any method on this Builder will have no effect on the newly built JarSigner object.

        the JarSigner object.
        IllegalArgumentException - if a signature algorithm is not set and cannot be derived from the private key using the getDefaultSignatureAlgorithm( method.