In software, a "lint" is a tool used to help improve your source code. The Rust compiler contains a number of lints, and when it compiles your code, it will also run the lints. These lints may produce a warning, an error, or nothing at all, depending on how you've configured things.

Here's a small example:

$ cat
fn main() {
    let x = 5;
$ rustc
warning: unused variable: `x`
2 |     let x = 5;
  |         ^
  = note: #[warn(unused_variables)] on by default
  = note: to avoid this warning, consider using `_x` instead

This is the unused_variables lint, and it tells you that you've introduced a variable that you don't use in your code. That's not wrong, so it's not an error, but it might be a bug, so you get a warning.