Member functions
Non-member functions
reverse_iterator& operator++();
reverse_iterator& operator--();
reverse_iterator operator++( int );
reverse_iterator operator--( int );
reverse_iterator operator+( difference_type n ) const;
reverse_iterator operator-( difference_type n ) const;
reverse_iterator& operator+=( difference_type n );
reverse_iterator& operator-=( difference_type n );

Increments or decrements the iterator. Inverse operations are applied to the underlying operator because of the reverse order.

1-2) Pre-increments or pre-decrements by one respectively.
3-4) Post-increments or post-decrements by one respectively.
5-6) Returns an iterator which is advanced by n or -n positions respectively.
7-8) Advances the iterator by n or -n positions respectively.

[edit] Return value

1-2) *this
3-4) a copy of *this that was made before the change
5-6) reverse_iterator(base()-n) or reverse_iterator(base()+n) respectively.
7-8) *this

[edit] Example

[edit] See also

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