The Legacy DBus Support Module

Note that There are no plans for the standard dbus-python language bindings package to be ported to Python v3 and so it is recommended that new applications use the QtDBus module instead.

The DBus support module is installed as dbus.mainloop.qt and provides support for the Qt event loop to dbus-python. The module’s API is almost identical to that of the dbus.mainloop.glib modules that provides support for the GLib event loop.

The dbus.mainloop.qt module contains the following function.


Create a dbus.mainloop.NativeMainLoop object that uses the the Qt event loop.

Parameters:set_as_default – is optionally set to make the main loop instance the default for all new Connection and Bus instances. It may only be specified as a keyword argument, and not as a positional argument.

The following code fragment is all that is normally needed to set up the standard dbus-python language bindings package to be used with PyQt:

from dbus.mainloop.qt import DBusQtMainLoop


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